Date Event
April, 2010 The ceremony for the 4th anniversary of JinTu Temple(Pictures)
February 15th, 2010 Master YanChong and students celebrated Chinese New Year in JinXiuZhongHua.(Pictures)

February 6th, 2010 Master YanChong and students celebrated Chinese New Year in Matro Square.(Pictures Video[1] Video[2] Video[3]   Group Pictures)

Decembe 24th, 2009 Master Yan Chong went to the 7-day retreat organized by Buddhist Prajna Temple, and taught Shaolin Ba Duan Jin during the stay. (Pictures)

November 13-14, 2009 Shaolin Warrior Monks from China visited Shaolin Temple Canada.(Pictures[1] Pictures[2] Video[1] Video[2]   Group Pictures)

August 21st, 2009 Shaolin Culture Center of Canada donated CAD$2,000 for Taiwan typhoon to "88 Taiwan typhoon fundraising group" founded by World Journal Toronto. Let's work together to help the flooded area get rebuilt.(Pictures)

August 15th, 2009 Master YanChong and the Ba Duan Jin class celebrated the Moon festival.(Pictures   Group Pictures)

June 28th, 2009 The class of Ba Duan Jin donated CAD$1,000 to YanFeng Elementary School in SiChuan for purchasing stationeries and books.(Pictures)

June 15th, 2009 During "Canada Day" of 2009 SiChuan TV Festival, CAD$200,000 was donated to School Rebuild Project in SiChuan by non-profit organizations including CPAC,ShaoLin Culture Center of Canada, Buddhist Prajna Temple, etc. (Pictures)

May 2nd, 2009 2009 North America Shakyamuni Buddha Day(Pictures)
December 13th, 2008 2009 New Year Party(Pictures   Group Pictures)
August 15th, 2008 2008 Moon Festival celebration(Pictures)
August 14th, 2008 Open ceremony of Buddhist Prajna Temple(Pictures)
May 14th - 30th, 2008 Shaolin Culture Center of Canada donated CAD$11,075 for SiChuan earthquake, which was sent to SiChuan by ChiJi Canada. (Pictures)
May 10th, 2008 Shakyamuni Buddha Day and Mother's Day celebration(Pictures)
April, 2008 The ceremony for the second anniversary of JinTu Temple(Pictures)
Feburary 17, 2008 2008 Chinese New Year Party(Pictures)
December 15, 2007 The first annual party (Pictures   Group Pictures)
October, 2007 Master Shi Yan Chong went to Tam Bao Son Buddhist Monastery in Quebec for three days to teach Shaolin Ba Duan Jin to community members.(Pictures)
June, 2007 Master Shi Yan Chong visited Master Shan Guang in Niagara Falls with Master Zhu Xhi from Buddhist Prajna Temple, Master Ming Jing from China, Master Ruzhi from Edmonton and Master Di Heng from Calgary (Pictures)
May, 2005 Master Shi Yan Chong demonstrated Shaolin Kung Fu in the rotunda at Kitchener City Hall as part of Shakyamuni Buddha Day Celebration (Pictures)
May 1st, 2007 The grand opening of Shaolin Cultural Centre of Canada (Pictures)