Shi Yan Chong

Abbot Shi Yong Xin gave Cheng Min Mao the religious name Shi Yan Chong. Since 2002, Shi Yan Chong was made coach of the Shaolin martial arts demonstration team and toured North America, Europe, Australia and South East Asia for the team's stage presentation "Shaolin Warriors." He has visited more than thirty countries for cultural exchange in Shaolin Kung Fu and Chan Buddhism. These countries include U.S.A., Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to name a few.

Shi Yan Chong was awarded first place at various Provincial competitions and served as head judge at the National Martial Arts competition. Shi Yan Chong is proficient in Shaolin martial forms of Da Hong, Xiao Hong, Lohan, Mei-hua and Pao, as well a mastery of the Shaolin cudgel staff, hooked sword and broadsword art form. He teaches Shaolin focused health exercise, Chi Kung and various other styles of Shaolin marital practice.

Because of the flourishing International Cultural Exchange, Shaolin Temple martial arts monk Shi Yan Chong wants to be an ambassador so that the broad and profound Shaolin culture can be shared in Canada. He hopes that this will bring happiness, good fortune, good luck to the people of Canada and peace to the world.